Return of the Blogspot CJM blog...

I'm reactivating this blog for public posting. I'll still be using my LiveJournal account for what I already use it for anyway (friends-only posts), so those of you visiting this site from there can relax. I'm not going anywhere, just opening a branch office.

So what have I been up to in the past year-plus since I "moved" to LiveJournal?

Let's see:

  • Recorded two techno singles and started recording an EP and writing an album (the latter two projects are still in work). The two singles you can buy as downloads by searching for "CJ Marsicano" at Mperia.com
  • Went from Windoze 98 SE to a sweet Apple PowerBook G4, which is my main computer now. (Which is why I didn't finish that EP yet - the recording software I used is on that old Dell desktop!)
  • Got a lovely new girlfriend named Tara.

That's about it. I'll be tweaking the design of this blog a little as time goes by. Not so much immediately (Christmas season, you know) but soon.


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