...And yet they have the nerve to whine.

Last night, I was in my gym's locker room. I was getting back into my street clothes when I heard this really horrible song playing over the PA. I usually don't hear what they play over the PA as I have an iPod going when I'm doing my weights or my cardio (I'll have to get into my idea of optimum personal gym music in a later post), but when I have the headphones off and I'm getting changed, forget it. I don't know the song was by, but the lead singer was pissing and moaning in one verse about having to work for a living, come home, and get yelled at for sitting in front of the television and getting stoned. Makes me wonder what some of these bands are thinking when they write lyrics. Maybe it's me, but if I came home from my job and saw my spouse sitting in front of the boob tube in a severely chemically altered state, I'd yell at them, too.

If anybody knows what that horrible song was, e-mail me so that I can avoid whichever artist foisted such a lame song onto the listening public.

P.S.: I promise I'll post in this particular blog a lot more often. My less public blog at LiveJournal has been getting the bulk of my thoughts and still will, but this space deserves to be more active. And active it will be. Count on it. :)