Theme Song For A New Couple

The other day I was looking around the website ProjectHello.com, which contains romanji and English translations of various Morning Musume and related Hello! Project song lyrics, when I decided to look up the lyrics to one of my favorite H!P songs, Tanpopo's "Koi Wo Sichaimashita!" ("I Fell In Love!").

Tanpopo is one of the earliest Morning Musume subgroups. On this recording the lineup featured members Kaori Iida, Mari Yaguchi, Rika Ishikawa, and Ai Kago. At the time, Kago and Yaguchi were also in MiniMoni while they were also in Morning Musume proper! This lineup lasted a couple of singles before the project was put on hiatus. Tsnuku, the producer/songwriter behind H!P, later reformed Tanpopo with a wholly new lineup but it didn't last long. As of this writing, all of the members still record for H!P but Mari Yaguchi is the only Tanpopo member from this lineup still in MoMusu -- Ai Kago is in the duo W with fellow MoMusu and best friend Nozomi Tsuji, and Kaori Iida, the last first-generation member of MoMusu, is about to graduate from the band and embark on her solo career full-time, while Rika Ishikawa will be following suit this spring to concentrate on her new Hello! Project-backed trip, Viyuden.

The situation in the story sounded familiar, so I sent the URL to Tara, who looked at the translated English lyrics and responded, "Wow, that's creepy.  Almost sounds like us, how we fell in love so quickly, met online, fell in love.  That should be our song."

And so it shall be.

Download "Koi Wo Sichaimashita!"

Read lyrics to "Koi Wo Sichaimashita!" at ProjectHello.com.

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