Let's Take It To Church!

When I used to be able to pick up Power 99 from Philadelphia on my cable system, I would leave it on all night while I slept. I probably heard a lot of my favorite R&B and rap songs via osmosis.

Anyway, I mention that because very late Saturday night into Sunday morning, they would play gospel music. I'm pretty much an agnostic, but I dig the sound of black gospel music.

One of the first gospel CD's I searched out since I started hearing it on the station was The Canton Spirituals' Live In Memphis II, when I heard the song "Searchin'" on a syndicated gospel show. I was hooked.

I told my friend Mark Reimiller that I was digging a lot of the stuff I was hearing on the radio on Sunday mornings. He asked me, "Is it some really jumping stuff?" I said, "Absolutely."

Every year Zomba's gospel label Verity (which the Cantons currently record for) co-releases a double-CD compliation of gospel music called WOW Gospel. I missed out on the past few years' installments but recently ordered the past four years' (2001 through 2004) from BMG's record club (which I'm still a member of via their classical division). The 2005 installment comes out this week.

Again, I'm not the most spiritual person in the world, but I dig this stuff and am more willing to listen to black gospel, which always sounds like a celebration, than some lame CCM clone of a secular band that always sounds like a lecture.

Here's something from that first Canton Spirituals album that is indeed "jumping".

Download "Holy Ghost Praise".

Buy "Live In Memphis II" directly from the label, Blackberry Records.

Buy "Live In Memphis II" from Amazon.com

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